SVSM 2024 Classic

The SVSM Classic is Northern
California’s largest plastic model show
and is held in the Fremont Elks Lodge in Fremont, CA.

The theme for the 2024 SVSM Classic is

“Hit the Beach”

Saturday, June 15 2024
Fremont Elks Lodge
38991 Farwell Dr
Fremont, CA 94536
9:00 a.m. – Doors Open
12:00 p.m. – Registration Closes
1:05 p.m. – Judges Meeting
1:15 p.m. – Judging Begins
3:30 p.m. – Awards


Download entry form (PDF)

The following categories are planned for the contest. If needed, some categories may be split. Entrants should neither plan for nor expect splits.

 Adult Categories

Category NumberCategory NameScale
S1Single Engine Jet or Rocket Aircraft1/72 scale
S2Multi-Engine Jet Aircraft1/72 scale
S3Single-Engine Prop or Turbo-Prop Aircraft - Allied 1/72 scale
S4Single-Engine Prop or Turbo-Prop Aircraft - Axis1/72 scale
S5Multi-Engine Prop or Turbo-Prop Aircraft1/72 scale
S6Single-Engine Jet or Rocket Aircraft1/48 scale
S7Multi-Engine Jet Aircraft1/48 scale
S8Single-Engine Prop or Turbo-Prop Aircraft - Naval Only 1/48 scale
S9Single-Engine Prop or Turbo-Prop Aircraft - Allied 1/48 scale
S10Single-Engine Prop or Turbo-Prop Aircraft - Axis/Neutrals1/48 scale
S11Multi-Engine Prop or Turbo-Prop Aircraft1/48 scale
S12Prop Aircraft1/32 and larger
S13Jet and Rocket Aircraft1/32 and larger
S14Rotary Wing Aircraftall scales
S15Airlinersall scales
S16Civil, Sport, Racing and Airliner Aircraftall scales
S17Biplanes/Fabric and Riggingall scales
S18Jet, Prop and Rocket Aircraft1/144 and smaller
S19Military Vehicles - Softskin1/35 and larger
S20Armored Fighting Vehicles - Closed-Top - to 1945, all types1/35 and larger
S21Armored Fighting Vehicles - Shermans or Sherman Based Only1/35 scale
S22Armored Fighting Vehicles - Open-Top1/35 and larger
S23Armored Fighting Vehicles - Closed-Top - post 19451/35 and larger
S24Towed Artillery and Ancillary Vehicles1/35 and larger
S25Military Vehicles - all types 1/48 scale
S26Military Vehicles - All types to 19451/49 and smaller
S27Military Vehicles - Modern (post 1945) all types1/49 and smaller
S28Ships1/400 and larger
S29Submarinesall scales
S30Ships1/401 and smaller
S31Automobiles - Stockall scales
S32Automobiles - Custom - Post 1941 Bodyall scales
S33Automobiles - Custom - Pre 1941 Bodyall scales
S34Automobiles - Competition - Open-Wheelall scales
S35Automobiles - Competition - Closed-Wheel - Domestic Only all scales
S36Automobiles - Competition - Closed-Wheel - Foreign Onlyall scales
S37Motorcycles - All typesall scales
S38Automotive, miscellaneous, All typesall scales
S39Space Vehicles - Fictional Science Fiction or Fantasy) - all typesall scales
S40Space Vehicles - Real and Missiles - all typesall scales
S41Figures - Historical - to 19th Centuryall scales
S42Figures - Historical - from 20th Century Onall scales
S43Figures - Fantasy and Fictionall scales
S44Hypothetical Vehicles - all typesall scales
S45Dioramas - all typesall scales
S46Miscellaneous - all typesall scales
S47Collections - all typesall scales
S48Unfinished Subjects - all typesall scales

Junior and Sub-Junior Categories

Category NumberCategory NameScale
J1Aircraftall scales
J2Military Vehicles and Shipsall scales
J3Automobilesall scales
J4Dinosaurs and Figuresall scales
J5Miscellaneousall scales
SJ1Aircraftall scales
SJ2Military Vehicles and Shipsall scales
SJ3Automobilesall scales
SJ4Miscellaneousall scales

See the contest flyer for the Special Awards


For pricing and availability contact contest director Chris Bucholtz, email for pricing and reservations.
Valid CA sales tax permit required – visit California State Board of Equalization page for more info.

Contestant Admission Pricing:

Seniors – $12 for unlimited number of models
Juniors – $2  if less than five models, $5 if six or more
Youth -$1  if less than five models, $5 if six or more
Spectators  – Free
Free Parking – plentifully available on site.