How to Submit Images to

If you are a member of SVSM, this is your site! Why not submit photos of your models or images of your favorite machines to be posted in the SVSM Photo Gallery?

There are just a few rules. Photos must be your own work. Photos posted on this site are intended to be freely distributed to users with the only caveat being that proper credit must be given for publication. Publication will be granted in writing by the administrator if If you do not wish your images to be used in this way, please do not submit them.

You are welcome to submit photos in any size, we will resize them if needed.

Images can be sent via email to the Webmaster if only few in number. If you wish to send a lot of photos, you can burn them to a CD and mail them or just submit them at the at the next club meeting. Additionally you can FTP them. Write for upload instructions and mailing address.

If you what to submit photos and do not have the capability to alter the images to meet the above specifications, the Website team will be glad to help you out. Email us and we will make arrangements for you.

If you would some one to take photos of your model, please email the Webmaster and arrangements can be made for pictures to be taken at the next SVSM club meeting.