This and that from Fort Eustis

Added four different walkarounds from the US Army Transportation Museum located in Fort Eustis, VA to four different categories.  M1220 Caiman MRAP was added to the Armor section, Doak 16 VZ-4DA experimental VTOL aircraft went to the Aircraft section, SK-5 Air Cushioned Vehicle joined the Ship section and finally the impressive looking M1070 HET Armored Truck with M1000 Semi-trailer went to the Softskins section.

Naval photos

Today’s update has four naval related albums.  First of all we’ve finally posted the last two albums from San Francisco Fleet Week 2012 – USS Preble DDG-88 and HMCS Edmonton MM-703 & HMCS Brandon MM-710 all seen entering SF Bay under the Golden Gate Bridge.  We’ve also posted the last two albums from the National Museum of the United States Navy, they are – US 16in/50 Mark II Naval Gun and US 3″/23 Mark XIV Naval Gun.