Artillery update

Posted four different artillery pieces from four different locations – US 10″ Rodman Cannon on the Model 1861 Barbette Mount from West Black Point Battery in Fort Mason, San Francisco, Belgian 57mm Cockerill-Nordenfeld Mle 1888 Fortress Gun from Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History in Brussels, Belgium, US 155mm M1 Howitzer from Fort Sill and Soviet 76mm Kurchevsky Model 1935 Recoilless Gun from Victory Park Museum in Moscow, Russia.

A bit of everything

We’ve updated four different categories from three different places.  To the Artillery section we’ve added the photos of the 8 cm Granatwerfer 34 mortar photographed at Planes of Fame Air Show 2011, to the Armor section we’ve posted the photos of the replica Ba-64 armored car from the same event, the Infantry Weapons section was updated with the album of 7.92mm Vickers Machine Gun on Mark IV tripod on M6A1 cart photographed at MVCC Camp Delta 2012 and finally the photos of one of the famous Paris Taxis –  Taxi Renault G7 dit from Musée de l’Armée in Paris were added to the Automotive section.

Naval photos

Today’s update has four naval related albums.  First of all we’ve finally posted the last two albums from San Francisco Fleet Week 2012 – USS Preble DDG-88 and HMCS Edmonton MM-703 & HMCS Brandon MM-710 all seen entering SF Bay under the Golden Gate Bridge.  We’ve also posted the last two albums from the National Museum of the United States Navy, they are – US 16in/50 Mark II Naval Gun and US 3″/23 Mark XIV Naval Gun.