Winners and model photos from IPMS USA Nationals 2016

Posted the photos of the winners from the awards presentation from the banquet and the photos of most of the models from the Nationals.  The Model photos can be seen at IPMS USA 2016 Nationals gallery, while the winners can be seen at the Awards Presentation Slide Show.  The slide show is from the awards presentation. The winners are posted in the reverse order – after the slide with the name of the category next model is the third place winner then second and then first.

Artillery from around the world

Posted four different artillery albums from four different countries.  From Russia, posted the Tsar Pushka, photographed in Moscow’s Kremlin, from Belgium added the 75mm Cockerill-Nordenfeld Mle 1896 Field Gun seen in Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History in Brussels, from Australia came the  British QF 25pdr Mark II Field Gun photographed in a town of Cann River and finally from US added the 8″ Rifled Dahlgren Cannon on a Naval Mount that was found at Patriots Point Museum in Charleston SC.

Artillery update

Posted four different artillery pieces from four different locations – US 10″ Rodman Cannon on the Model 1861 Barbette Mount from West Black Point Battery in Fort Mason, San Francisco, Belgian 57mm Cockerill-Nordenfeld Mle 1888 Fortress Gun from Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History in Brussels, Belgium, US 155mm M1 Howitzer from Fort Sill and Soviet 76mm Kurchevsky Model 1935 Recoilless Gun from Victory Park Museum in Moscow, Russia.